Saturday, September 14th

8:00 - 9:00 am  


9:00 - 12:00 pm 

General Session

Lets Play Minecraft - How to Find Luxury Clients in Your Database
Steve Phillips, Senior Director, Education & Training

In today’s complicated and competitive travel industry, it has gotten increasingly more difficult to identify who is a luxury customer and who is not.  This can be construed as both positive and negative.  In this session, we will work through the many different ways to identify what a potential luxury customer looks like, both from within your customer lists and from outside your business.   By understanding what luxury travel means in terms of potential demographics and psychographics, you will then be able to search your own customer database as well as your geographic circle of influence, to find the affluent customers that are a perfect fit for our Affluent Traveler Collection products and partners.

The Affluent Traveler Collection – 2020 and Beyond
Claire Bidlingmaier, Sr. Director Supplier Relations and Agency Engagement, The Affluent Traveler

The Affluent Traveler Collection is poised for dynamic growth in 2020 and beyond.  We have invested in, and enhanced our offering in the areas of technology, marketing, staffing and supplier relationships and have positioned the brand to hold a unique position in the B2B and B2C marketplace. 

With this in mind, our primary goals are:

  • Grow our affluent agency membership
  • Stimulate revenue growth and profitability
  • Enhance communications and engagement
  • Build brand awareness

Symposium Wrap-up
The Road Ahead:
Our future is bright and our program is evolving to position us to capture a greater share of the lucrative luxury market.  You will hear all of our plans to reach our intended goals and to be the consortia of choice for luxury travel agencies and suppliers.

12:00 pm


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