Faith Sproule

Founder, The Niche Travel Group

I run a storefront agency, soon to be two in June and all of our agents are specialists.

The Niche Travel Group was created to bring you a one-stop shop of travel specialists who are experts in a particular travel "niche". Our mission is to enrich your life one vacation at a time...and with so many different and wonderful destinations to choose from, we're here to help design an adventure that's right for you.

Are you dreaming of a Caribbean holiday or a wine tour in Europe? Perhaps you envision a cruise through Alaska or taking the family to the Magic Kingdom of Disney. From the game plains of Africa, Hawaiian holidays or seeing medieval castles on a European river cruise; our experts know your specialty destination inside and out, backward and forwards.

You deserve to work with an agent who is in the know and in town - not at the other end of a 1-800 number.

Founded by Faith Sproule of Dartmouth Travel, The Niche Travel Group was created to fill a void in the storefront travel market. As a Cruise Vacations, Hawaii, Peru and Romance Vacations expert herself, Faith sought after the best and brightest, like-minded agents to bring you experienced global coverage from home.

Like you, the team at Niche believe that no amount of reading reviews online is a substitute for travel. Having experience on the road less-traveled makes a world of difference. 


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